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Why the wedding dress prevail white

There is a tradition that the bride should be wearing a formal dress which is called wedding dress in Western. on that day wearing a wedding dress on behalf of the bride’s kind. but also on behalf of the future will be bright and flat. The bride wearing a wedding dress is like a lily fairy, it's so white and pure.


Wedding dress there is no uniform agreement before the nineteenth century, just put on their most beautiful clothes on it.

In 1840 years, the British Queen Victoria wedding. when the Queen wearing a white wedding dress which the tail length of 18 feet. After the official photos are widely published, many brides hope to wear a similar wedding. so the tradition has been circulating so far and the length of the tail New rich symbol.

In the 1980s, Princess Diana's wedding dress was about 480 feet. White wedding on behalf of the inner purity and like a child's innocence. later evolved into a symbol of virginity. At this point the white wedding dress as a wedding dress was basically passed down and gradually received around the world.


Wedding on behalf of pure and meaning the lovers will together for a hundred years. It also represents a dream: a dream of all the girls in the pursuit of life all the time. Every girl dreams of wearing the wedding moment because it is the most beautiful moment of life. Subsequent times, the wedding is no longer limited to a style. the wedding dress to express the bride's personality and romantic occasions, despite the constant changes in the popular. but the wedding has always maintained its romantic means. a few centuries of cultural development, White wedding dress is still a symbol of love and romance.


Two centuries later, the white wedding custom has continued to this day and gradually became the mainstream wedding color. of course, some people say that is pure symbol. At that time people have to wear white wedding as a fashion. more and more people choose white as their wedding color. now white wedding is still popular. The bride put on the wedding dress and lament how lucky you are! in the beautiful moment that I meet and love the handsome you.


we are a wedding dresses Australia .in our official website ,there are all kinds of latest wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, formal dresses and so on. these quantities are more than 8000 styles and you can get it at affordable prices .in here you are easily to find the most suitable dress for yourself ,welcome your visiting .

After reading this wedding dress website, I can not help but order

As a girl who is going to marry that what is the biggest problem for you ? For me is the choice of wedding dress. I believe there must be insist some of friends like me are worrying about the wedding dress. We all hope that we are brilliant in the that wedding day .No matter what we wear, we are the protagonists and would be get much attention from angles.

wedding dresses

Therefore, we must carefully dress themselves, so wedding dress has become my biggest problem. So I went to the Physical store to try a few wedding dress. first of all, the price is so expensive and it is important that the style is not very diverse and trying on it really tired.

I turned to the target wedding dress online . in Here ,the style makes me stare, but the similar troubles again: the same style is not the same price and the price but not the same style. so I use the naked eye can not tell their quality and the difference. The same category of comparison makes me very tired. But for their own wedding day, so I have to continue to search on major sites every day. Look at their comments and screen shot I thinking repeatedly. Sometimes it is finally decided to join the shopping cart but because of a bad review  then I will closed. It's take me a long time and in vain.

wedding dresses

I believe wearing a wedding dress is every girl's privilege. One day, God always arranges a perfect wedding dress for you to meet with you. Just a matter of time. Sure enough, God did not forget me.

Inadvertently I saw an wedding dress Australia which there are a variety of latest and fashion wedding dresses .so I can not help but add a few consecutive plus shopping cart. whether it is from the style, price or customer comments, I am very satisfied. The last hesitation in his home has become the wedding I should buy that, because they are too beautiful, I have a kind of urge to buy. Finally ,in the proposal of my boyfriends chose a own perfect wedding dress.

wedding dresses

By the way ,I help my girlfriends to pick a few pieces of bridesmaid dresses and they also like it very much. Now every day looking at the wedding dress hanging in the closet I began to imagine that I am about to enter the wedding chapel and it is certainly beautiful. Sometimes I can not help but try it on my free afternoon. Now I only hope that time will come and realize my princess dream.

bridesmaid dresses

Now you are like me, I decided to buy the wedding dress without hesitate, just for me to recommend you to my shopping cart with several also you can go to see and the website named . Hope you like it.


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Where do you find your perfect wedding dress?

We know wedding dress represents the most special occasion in woman’s life .in that day, we witness the elegant and beauty of the bride. As the necessities of wedding, the dress is playing a significant role in the decoration. So, how to get a perfect wedding dress is the essential problem. As a wedding dress wholesale counselor in the website of, I will tell some details before you buy the wedding dress.

First, you should pay more attention the brand of the wedding dress. We know only a strong brand can ensure the quality. Generally, in the back of the powerful company has a specialized design team, which they will keep the fashion pace and applied the latest elements into the products. In their official website or store we can look the new arrival in regular. I believe on one who wants to wear the wedding dress which is out of style.

wedding photo

In addition to the quality and style, next you will pay more attention is the price. Every one wants to get the cheap wedding dresses in same quality. We know many stores in the net, which we can’t tell the difference. Even the same style may be marked different price. Do you consider the factor? In some time, there are insist a misunderstanding: cheapest is the dearest. In fact, so many people who will get married spent much money buying the so-called high quality dresses. Actually, the price of the marked is depends their cost ,if they have their factory, I believe they have the competition in the price. If you want to buy the excellent quality and cheap wedding dresses, you should judge the product value according to the customer feedback.

wedding dresses

We are a Australia online wedding dresses website which get the design, production and sales into one. In this official website we can see some series such as the wedding dresses, bridesmaid dress, mother of the bride dresses, flower girl and other special occasion dresses like the evening dress, cocktail dresses and homecoming dresses. We enjoy a high reputation for our excellent quality and cheap price. Maybe you will ask why we can give the customer the cheap price, because we have own factory, which we can control the cost of the clothing, so you don’t need to doubt the quality. I believe our thousands of customers is your guarantee and the determination to buy.

I hope that though our professional design and unremitting efforts to help each of their beautiful bride. Let every bride have her own wedding dress. In our store, they can choose the favorite dress and become the happy and beauty bride. Welcome to your visiting.

Wedding dresses Perth for the dream wedding gowns

Wedding is the most important day in a girl's life . Irrespective of nationality, religion or race, every girl aspires to be the most beautiful bride ever. And why shouldn't she, after all it is the day she would be stepping into a new life and all eyes are on her. Finding the most exclusive and extraordinary Wedding dress can be a daunting task . Wedding dresses Perth ensure wedding dress to match the numerous desires and dreams in a young girls eyes . 

Whether the bride to be has a certain style in mind or is open to suggestions, all kinds of clients are gratified with Wedding dresses Sydney .The friendly professional staff takes keen personalised interest in every bride to ensure that her dream wedding gown is materialised. Customer satisfaction is a constant endeavour with Wedding dresses Melbourne. The experts understand the importance of the wedding dress and go over the edge to ensure that the bride gets exactly what she is looking for. The bridal design experts also assist the client in picking out the perfect jewellery pieces to go with the wedding ensemble. They may also make suggestions as to what could be the best style to suit the bride . However, it is the bride who has the final say and decision regarding the dress , after all it is her big day and she is liable to have what she desires.

wedding dresses

Wedding dresses Perth has on offer a wide range of bridal gowns with styles ranging from traditional and conventional to extraordinary and out right over the top. All kinds of gowns are available to suit the attitude and personality of the bride to be . Custom designed gowns for theme based weddings are also supplied on prior notification about the requirements . Wedding dresses Sydney ensure perfect amalgamation of the bride's vision and professional expertise to weave magic on the altar. 

With all these options available, an Australian bride is spoilt for choice. And she does deserve to be spoilt and pampered. This is what wedding dresses Melbourne ensures. These dedicated professional designers with their expert team are committed to making the bride feel like the most beautiful woman ever. And they have a succeeded every single time. With this kind of legendary lineage and experience behind them , wedding dresses Perth can be trusted to deliver nothing but the best to the young blushing brides as they start a new chapter of their life on the most beautiful note.

A wide range of best quality materials right from the richest of the silks to the most delicate chiffons and the most intricate laces are used to conjure up the most gorgeous wedding gowns embellished with opulent pearls and shimmering crystals. Accessorised with the most exclusive wedding jewellery pieces these wedding dresses, Sydney are sure to make the wedding the most magical day not only for the bride and the groom but also for their family and well wishers.

Shopping for Designer Prom Dresses

Shopping for the perfect designer prom dresses takes time, and most importantly, research. Formal prom dresses come in many shapes and sizes, and choosing the right one for your big night can be tricky. If you're looking for designer prom dresses that won't break the bank, but will still make you look good, do your research beforehand. This way you can be guaranteed to find prom dresses that fits you and your budget. 

One way to keep up with styles is to flip through a fashion magazine, look at the gowns on the red carpet, or just do a quick Google search. Styles are always changing, and along with it, formal prom dresses. This is why it's important to do your research beforehand if you are looking for a specific style of dress. Designers of prom dresses will usually be keeping up to date as to what is in and modern at the moment so you can be guaranteed to be going with a look that will have you looking fabulous. 

prom dresses

An important thing to determine before you go shopping for your glamorous designer prom dresses is budget. Be realistic in how much you can afford. If you are able to go all out, by all means, do so. On the other hand, if you are not, do not let your budget constrain you. Formal prom dresses can be fabulous even at a price. Maintain an idea of what kind of dress you're looking for and you're sure to find something that won't have you compromising style for price or breaking the bank.

As with any other clothing, you will want to find cheap prom dresses that will flatter your figure. You go too tight, and it may not look right. Too loose, and you will look shapeless. Determining your figure and what shapes and styles complement it is important and a crucial thing to remember when shopping for designer prom dresses. Keeping these things in mind will allow you a better idea of what flatters your figure and what does not. 

Once you're ready to hit the town shopping, you may want to do a little online shopping beforehand. This way you will be informed of what styles, designers, and prices prom dresses are going for. Furthermore, you should always keep in mind comfort and affordability. This is a big night and while you may want to look good at any cost, being comfortable and keeping it affordable is also important.

The Nitty Gritty: Talking About The Real Cost Of Your Wedding Dress

Most brides are hoping to find their cheap dream dress, at the perfect price, but just how much will you be expected to pay? You should only spend what you can afford, and what you’ve budgeted for, but this line becomes blurry when you’re buying the most important dress you’ll ever wear. We compare couture gowns to off the rack dresses, and show you what factors influence the price of your wedding outfit.


The average price of an off the rack wedding dress is between $1500 – $2000, compared to a couture gown, which starts at around $3000 and goes up (and up!).
So we need to pick a affordable wedding dresses.


Dresses that are mass-produced will cost less than couture gowns, as these are handmade, specifically to fit each bride.


Couture gowns are one of a kind, made to the exact wishes of a bride, and this guarantees that no one else will walk down the aisle in the same dress as yours. Compare this to off the rack dresses (particularly if you choose not to have major alterations done – like changing the neckline) then there’s always the possibility that someone you know, will wear the same outfit. You pay a higher price for a couture gown, because it’s completely original.


Another major factor that alters the price of a dress is its material. To keep costs low, off the rack dresses are usually cut from more economical (often synthetic) fabrics, but one of the hallmarks of a couture gown is how it drapes and keeps its shape, and this is due to what it’s made from. Couturiers typically work with the finest fabrics – like silk – which are natural, delicate, durable and, as expected, more expensive.

Fit and Alterations

Wholesale dresses come in a range of generic sizes, and because women come in all shapes and sizes, you can consider yourself extremely lucky if the dress you pick, fits you like a glove. Most brides will need alterations, and depending on the extent of the work, it can sometimes significantly increase the final price of the dress.

A bride who chooses the couture route will have her measurements taken, and in a series of dress fittings, the gown will be made to those exact requirements. You’re not charged for all these alterations, as it’s part of the process of having your dress made, but the overall cost is more expensive, because you’re paying for the expertise of your couturier.


On average, a machine-made dress can be completed in 10 hours, while a couture gown takes somewhere between 40-50 hours to make. Of course this depends on the level of detail, as more intricate accessories will add on extra hours of labour, and (yip you guessed it!) extra dollars. 

Even if you find the ideal off the rack dress, you may still need to order it, or have alterations done, so give yourself about 4-6 months ahead of your wedding to ensure your dress will be ready. In contrast, a couture gown can take anywhere from 6-12 months to make, depending on how busy your couturier is. The duration of the dress making changes the price, but the most important factor is making sure that you give yourself enough time to get your dress finished before W day.


You can decorate your dress with anything you choose, from Swarovski crystals and pearls, to rhinestones and beads, but your choice will influence the overall cost. What’s also important is how they’re attached. With machine-made dresses they’re usually glued on, but they’re hand sewn onto couture gowns. This disparity in time and man power changes your dress price. 


A wedding dress is a complicated item of clothing to make – whether by machine or by hand. You have to deal with bustles, buttons and boning, not to mention lots and lots of layers of fabric, but the overall finish of the dress will vary, depending on how it’s made. 

The biggest difference between a couture gown and one that’s straight off the rack, is workmanship, and this is also the key reason for the big price gap. A couturier’s reputation is on the line with each dress that they make, and this means that they’ll work until the bride is happy, and the dress is perfect - from the sleeves down to the hem. It takes incredible skill, and considerable time, to make each outfit by hand, while factory made dresses are mass produced, and so they simply don’t have the same attention to detail.


Whether your dress is custom made or machine made – if you’re choosing it because of the designer’s name, it will come with an expensive price tag. You’re paying for the brand, the exclusive material, and because it comes in the latest style, but before you break your budget, you need to make sure the dress is 100% you. If you’ve only ever imagined yourself in Vera Wang, then be my guest, but there are many unknown, or lesser-known, designers that produce beautiful and affordable dresses, that may suit you better.

The most popular way to buy a cheap beach wedding dress today, is off the rack, but for brides who want to fulfil their wedding dress fantasies, it’s couture all the way. Whichever route you choose, make sure your wedding dress matches your personality, as well as your budget.


Choose a Proper Formal Dress for a Wedding

As a guest, wearing a proper formal dress for a wedding is really important, especially when the wedding is formal and traditional. Well, if you do not make sure which style suits a formal wedding, you should better spend much time on learning some guides and tips. For instance, it is better to choose appropriate formal attire according to the different time when the wedding is held. What women and men should wear when they attend an evening wedding? This is definitely a typical question, and a question that I will answer in this article. In addition, ladies should also consider choose proper formal gowns to go with gentlemen. 

It is easier for women to choose formal dresses for a daytime wedding. A short length formal skirt or a suit is usually a good choice. Pant suits or skirt suits are also acceptable. Accessories like hats and gloves are required, which will match with the formal attire perfectly. But remember that short gloves are more appropriate for a daytime wedding than long length styles. For men who attend a wedding that takes place in daytime, a dark suit with a tie is a good option. Of course, you can also choose a tuxedo. But if the wedding is a black tie, a tuxedo is the best choice. 

Gorgeous long formal dresses should be chosen for women if the wedding is held in the evening, especially when the wedding is formal as a black tie. Full length formal attires look so beautiful that are the best options for an evening wedding. While if you prefer to short length style, some cocktail gowns are also acceptable, but it is better to choose some really amazing ones, which decorated with beads, sequins and other shiny details. Accessories should be also carefully considered. Diamonds, rhinestones and jewel are nice for ladies. For men, a tuxedo is the best choice for evening weddings. Usually black is the most proper color for a formal wedding. Yet you can also choose another color you like, but it should match with the whole wedding and your personal style. 

Beside adults, children are also invited to weddings frequently. A suit or tuxedo-like style is the most appropriate for boys. For little girls, a stunning skirt, no matter long or short, is acceptable. It is better to choose bright colors. While for teen girls, long dress styles are much better. 

What have mentioned above are just a small part of how to choose a proper formal gown for a wedding. If you are interested in this, you can search for more tips on the internet. No matter what style you choose, you will be the best if you find out the most suitable one. But if you are the bridesmaid, the bride will prepare everything for you.

How to Bead a Formal Dress

Beading in recent years has developed into a new art form. With abundant inspiration surrounding crafters and designers, beaded patterns, motifs, appliques and embroideries have surfaced. Fashion and home decor have also benefited from this influence. However, beading an already made formal dress can seem intimidating. By taking extra care and pre-planning your bead work, you will be able to introduce your art onto your delicate fabrics and formal dress.

Step 1
Pre-plan your bead work pattern. Sketch out your design or bead placement order prior to attaching your beads. Review your dress on the reverse for special linings or inserts such as corset straight bone channels. This will give you your dress parameters as to where and how you will be able to attach your beads. Check your bottom hem for a separate lining. If your lining is separate from your shell fabric, turn your dress inside out to expose the inner workings. Access to a separate lining can also avoid sewing through two layers of fabric during your bead application.

Step 2
Measure the selected area for your bead work directly on your cheap formal dress. Measure the width and length for your application and compare it to your sketch design. Make any necessary adjustments to your sketch.

Step 3
Know your dress fabric's type and properties. For example, if you are adding beads to tulle, you will have to adjust your needle size to avoid any punctures or tears to the fabric. If you are adding beads to an embroidered bodice, adjust your needle size in order to secure your beads through the embroidery thread type. High count embroideries can be damaged by puncturing and threading with a needle. It is beneficial to attach a bead as a preliminary test in an unexposed fabric area prior to beading and view your fabric's result.

Step 4
Select your beads. Place your beads with your sketch on a flat work surface. Determine your bead placement order and pattern. Compare and contrast your bead to your fabric and dress. Certain bead types and styles work best with specific fabrics and may not enhance your dress. Determine if you want your beads to appear dyed to match to your fabric or act as an accent or feature in a contrasting color scheme and pattern.

Step 5
Select your thread type. You can opt to use a nylon beading thread, which is generally pre-waxed for easy use and twisted for strength. You can also knot this thread easily to secure your beads. You can opt to use other beading threads such as silk, which is generally used with pearl or stone beads. Your thread choice will directly correlate to your bead type and looping hole. Be aware of your thread size, especially when you work with delicate fabrics.

1.Thread your needle and sew through the back side of your dress fabric. Knot your thread twice. Your initial knot needs to be secure to avoid attaching your bead to a loose knot. Determine if you will be applying each bead individually or as a running stitch.

2.Thread your bead. Insert your needle towards the direction where your next bead placement is to be set. It is best to thread and apply your beads in the same direction to ensure that your thread disappears against the fabric, once you have completed the overall beaded pattern.

3.Loop each bead twice. Knot your thread on the inside of your fabric. Cut any loose threads and repeat the process when starting your next bead until your pattern is complete. Although you can opt to have a running stitch by looping once, inserting your needle, bringing it up through your fabric towards your next bead point and looping your next bead, your thread tension can become weak after several wears and your bead work will loosen. Individual beading handwork is time-consuming but will warrant the best result.

How much are we willing to spend for a loved one's marriage?

According to a One4all study, the British would be willing to spend a considerable amount of money to attend a loved one's wedding.
It's no secret that a wedding is expensive. Often even very expensive. And if you do not get married, you will not escape the expenses by attending the wedding of your best friend. Because yes, there is the wedding gift to offer and the bridesmaid dress to buy. And this role as a bridesmaid could cost you as much as two weeks of vacation.

We would love to continue to complain about the price of the weddings, but in the end, we would be willing to invest a substantial sum to make the wedding of our loved ones perfect.

The image more : plus size wedding dresses

A study of British stores One4all carried out on 2000 people, reveals how much the British would be willing to spend for the wedding of a close relative, counting the price of the trip to the outfit, going through the beauty. The answer is unquestionable: the British do not hesitate to spend without counting to make the marriage of their loved ones the best day of their lives.

According to the study, the vast majority would be willing to travel more than 1800 km to attend a wedding, while 31% of them would be happy to travel abroad for the occasion.

The study also shows that our neighbors do not see any problem in spending around 962 euros as a guest at a wedding. Although it sounds like a slightly high sum to spend on that distant cousin you've probably seen three times since 2002, it seems that there is not too high a price to have fun.

Here is the list of sums that the British are prepared to spend for the marriage of a close relative:

Travel: 203 euros
Accommodation: 212.76 euros
Gifts: 152.33 euros
Dress: 158,29 euros
Beauty treatment: 121.13 euros
Beverages: 115,21 euros

Oh, and if you're Londoner, it seems that you're willing to spend up to 1098.76 euros on a wedding.

Is it worth spending so much money on someone else's big day? It's up to you to decide.

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monochrome launches low-cost collection for brides (Photos

After Topshop or H & M, it is monochrome turn to try out the difficult exercise of creating an affordable wedding dress. A great first for the sign.

Picture : lace wedding dresses

The wedding season may have even started on your side! Friends, family members or yourself ... A person in your entourage is about to say "yes" to the person she loves and you are eager to witness this great moment. Only problem? Find the perfect dress for the guest but also for the bride. Whether it is a last minute union or well prepared, we always find ourselves a few weeks before the big day with doubts about the outfit that we chose to wear. And if the prices of bridal gowns and bridesmaids are often astronomical, some banners realized that a real playground was standing in front of them. Topshop, H & M or Minelli ... Many brands are said to be accessible to develop their collections dedicated to weddings. And today, the brand monochrome is also trying its luck in this market. The French brand presents for the first time its line Ceremony and the result should please you.

Indeed, monochrome has launched a rather innovative challenge to its designers: to design wedding dresses and outfits for the bridesmaids for this spring-summer 2017. An unusual contest which the jury consisted of young or future brides . The latter selected six winning models, which were then developed by monochrome for this season. It reveals a short adorable white dress, with a crossed neckline in the back ravishing and sleeves cut at the shoulders of lace. In short, an ideal creation for a modern bride. Then come the models for the guests: combinations, dresses in tulle or jacquard, pastel or punchy colors are of the party. As for prices, monochrome can be congratulated: none of these little wonders does not exceed 80 euros. The most expensive piece remains the wedding dress, worth 79.99 euros on the site of the mark. We approve!

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